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The Primary Years

Ph 4936 0650; lkayes@rgs.qld.edu.au
Fax: 4936 0683
Primary Office Hours: Term Time − Monday to Friday: 8.00am – 4.00pm

Mr Geoff Hadwen, Head of Primary                                
Ph. 4936 0650 ; ghadwen@rgs.qld.edu.au                            
Fax: 07 4936 0683

Mrs Janet Spark, Assistant Head of Primary
Ph. 07 4936 0857; jspark@rgs.qld.edu.au

Our students are taught to respect themselves and to respect and consider others

The Grammar Primary years offer exciting and challenging growth, when early learning foundations are built upon and students’ opportunities for learning are extended.


Standout facilities with modern classrooms, equipment and technology allow us to capitalise on this important period of a student’s development. 

At The Rockhampton Grammar School, students do not learn just from what they are taught, they learn by doing, at every opportunity.

Our remarkable teachers go above and beyond for our students – their dedication and commitment evidenced in all that they do: from the classroom to every School function. 

A good balance between male and female teachers ensures our boys and girls have high calibre role models who guide them through this important phase of their lives.

Specialist teachers also provide in-depth knowledge in subject areas such as art, physical education, cooking, music and Japanese and help to prepare children for their transition to the Middle School.

It is in Primary that the educational building blocks are shaped and our student-focused learning framework is fully embraced. 

This unique approach, based on researched teaching and learning theories, develops our students’ ability to use knowledge in ways that are creative, flexible and meaningful.

The skills and processes taught present students with great academic outcomes and a blueprint for lifelong learning.

Educating children at the Primary School, however, goes beyond academics. Our students are taught to respect themselves and to respect and consider others. 

It is through consistent and positive behaviour management that we nurture exemplary members of the community.


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