RGS Prep

At The Rockhampton Grammar School we believe that an effective Prep programme uses play and enquiry-based learning. Children are viewed as strong, resourceful and capable. Children investigate interests. They make choices. They plan and carry out their plans. They make friends that will last a lifetime. If you want the best for your little one then The Rockhampton Grammar School is the best investment you will make this year. 


Prep at The Rockhampton Grammar School provides an outstanding foundation for your child’s education, allowing him or her to acquire knowledge in a nurturing setting while developing character and identity. Experience-centred education forms the basis of the curriculum, with the classroom syllabus complemented by activities such as cooking, gardening, art, music and physical education. Children will receive the support and security that will help them become happy,confident and successful.

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Excellent facilities, including farms and Ritamada – our exclusive beach-front education centre, as well as exposure to green spaces, contribute to a stimulating environment. Friendship and community programmes also allow parents, grandparents and other carers to get involved in the educational process and assist children to settle in. The buddy system partners Prep students with older pupils, helping students feel valued, supported and socially stimulated. News updates are sent to parents everyday.

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Rockhampton Grammar Prep produces knowing, thoughtful, happy and resilient young people. By building on the foundations and experiences parents have already provided their children, our broad curriculum, facilities and inclusive culture will see your child thrive and shine

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RGS Prep - Their Time to Shine