Our Staff

It is our staff that make The Rockhampton Grammar School different.  They are what make us unique and will help support your child to reach their full potential.  

Teachers make a fundamental difference to the learning outcomes of students.  At RGS our teachers are committed educators and we support them to continue learning and developing throughout their careers.

Our teachers love what they do and it comes through in every aspect of school life at RGS.

"I love that RGS is a very multi-cultural school..."

“At Prep, we give the children opportunities to be who they want to be. We have many nationalities and I love it when parents come in and they share stories about their home and what they used to do when they were children. These stories enable the other children to learn so much about their culture and learn that even though we’re different on the outside, on the inside our hearts are the same.”

Adair Melhouse I Prep Teacher

“I still love seeing students have ‘lightbulb’ moments...”

“After a decade of teaching, I still love seeing students have ‘lightbulb’ moments and watching them achieve beyond what they believed possible. I’m also enjoying being part of the STEAM team at RGS, providing innovative opportunities for students to ignite their passion for science.”

Dr Nikki Kelly I Science Teacher

"The best part of my job is working with our students."

I love getting to be part of the lives of the students, staff and parents, and hopefully make a contribution to all the students growing into young men and women of great character and scholarship. Whether it be taking the Jazz Ensemble, in the classroom or watching a match on the sporting field, it is fantastic to see how RGS students bond together and share a special connection that goes well beyond the School gates.”

Dr Phillip Moulds I Headmaster

"I love that all students are valued, supported and given opportunities to be the best people they can be."

"I believe that teaching is one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences you can have. I chose it as my career because I wish to create opportunities for people to experience success and to help children recognise that if they work hard they can achieve their goals, no matter what."

Riley Hunt I Primary Teacher