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Public Speaking







Teacher In Charge - Ms Louise Heilbuth
Phone: 4936 0644

Captain - Harshitha Peddireddy and Sithmi Konara
Vice Captain - Jack Koerner and Sineli Dissanayake

Miss Lacey Prpic (Senior Debate Coach)
Miss Lacey Prpic, Mrs Louise Heilbuth (Junior Debating Coaches)

Mrs Julieanne Harris (Oratory Coache) 

Public Speaking at RGS includes both Debating and Oratory.  It is an activity that helps students to grow in confidence when speaking, which is a very useful life skill. Participation in any of the events held in this activity will not only help students with current and future study, but also allow them to voice their opinion and participate in discussions in the real world.

Oratory incorporates any public speaking competitions as they arise. There are many competitions that are available to students in their years of high school that will improve their confidence in this field, for example Rostrum Voice of Youth, Lions Youth of the Year and the annual RGS Oratory Competition.

Debating is more like a team sport and involves impromptu rebuttal of the opposition team's arguments as well as prepared argument and formal adherence to speaker roles. RGS competes in the local competition with many other secondary schools.

How do you become involved?
Register your interest with Ms Heilbuth (lheilbuth@rgs.qld.edu.au) or one of the seniors involved and listen to the notices and assemblies for competition information.

Do you have to do all competitions?
Certainly not! Choose the ones you are interested in or the ones that you have time to compete in.
Some of the competitions available are:

Lions’ Youth of the Year Awards:

  • open to students aged 15 and over
  • 5 minute speech on a topic of your choosing
  • interview with panel, regarding leadership positions, general knowledge and community involvement
  • 2 minute impromptu speeches, no preparation time

Rockhampton Debating Competition:
RGS has both a junior and senior team and these teams are chosen from the pool of interested students for each round. Often this involves an audition process in which students present the introduction and a few arguments for the topic of the round. All students who participate in the team meetings, ideas formation and/or speaking are considered part of the debating team but, due to the limited number of debates and large number of interested students, not all will be able to debate.

Rostrum Voice of Youth:

  • Open to anyone between the ages of 11 and 17
  • Junior - 6 minute speech plus 3 minutes impromptu (with 15 minutes preparation)
  • Senior - 8 minute speech plus 3 minutes impromptu (with 15 minutes preparation)

Enter at http://www.rostrum.com.au/qld/rvoy

The Rockhampton Grammar School Oratory Competition
This competition is open to all secondary RGS students, in three divisions:

  • Junior (Yr 8) – 3-4 minutes
  • Intermediate (Yrs 9 & 10) 4-5 minutes
  • Senior (Yrs 11 & 12) 5-6 minutes

The Oratory dates for 2020 are:

  • Junior (Year 7 & Year 8) Intermediate (Year 9 & Year 10) Tuesday 18 August 2020 starting at  5.00 pm
  • Senior (Year 11 & Year 12) Wednesday 19 August 2020 starting at 6.00 pm

Own topic (as approved by TIC)

Senior students also present a 1-2 minute impromptu speech with 15 minutes preparation time.