Students become mentors

RGS parents gained an insight into the world of Music studies at the Year 5 “Teach the Parents Evening”. 

RGS Head of Music Mrs Jessica Marrinan said the students took on the role of mentor and guided their parents through the first stages of learning their instrument.

“It was wonderful to see parents share in both the challenge and success that is experienced when learning a new skill and there were certainly many laughs,’’ Mrs Marrinan said.

Rachael Olive joined daughter Allie, welcoming the opportunity to step inside her daughter’s classroom and learn the flute:

“I think the music programme for the Year 5 and  6 students is a wonderful initiative that the school has adopted,’’ Rachael said.

“The Teach the Parent Evening” was relaxed and enjoyable, as well as very interesting  learning about the positive benefits, reading and playing music have on activating the whole brain.  

“It was fun for the children to be able to teach their parents something and have a bit of a laugh with their parents at the same time. 

“I have a knew found appreciation for anyone who plays the flute it is not as easy as it looks!”