RGS students perform strongly in ATAR results

With Year 12 students across Queensland receiving their final results today, The Rockhampton Grammar School has continued to show why it is Central Queensland’s best performing school.

RGS School Dux Margil Rajaji receiving an impressive ATAR ranking of 99.85, placing Margil in the top 100 out of 27,277 students in the State.

RGS Year 12 graduates were rewarded for their dedication to their studies with four students receiving ATAR rankings above 99 – Margil Rajaji (99.85), Cathleen Han (99.6), Jane Brighton (99.35) and Ama Puhule Gamayalage (99.2).

“Just seeing the score on the screen is amazing. It’s a relief and I guess all the hard work was worth it in the end,’’ Margil said.

Margil hopes to pursue medicine studies, one day specialising either as a surgeon or general practitioner.

“I was interested in medicine probably because of my curiosity for Science and Maths and I always want to keep learning which medicine has that great aspect of it,’’ Margil said.

“It’s also about the personal experience. Last year, my grandparents in India got COVID and with all the flights closed it was really hard to keep in contact.

“We were really anxious to see how they were going but the support the doctor provided over the phone to us was really satisfying. I want to follow in his footsteps and make a difference in the lives of regional people and rural kids, and just benefit society in general.”

Margil adjusted his study techniques to help him reach his goals in 2021, including identifying he was more of a visual learner which helped him study smarter, not harder, and staying on top of taking class notes at the end of each day to help reduce his stress levels.

“Having a clear plan and staying consistent with my work was very important as it allowed me to stay organised and remain productive whenever I sat down to study,’’ Margil said.

Margil shared some varied advice to students pursuing their secondary school studies beyond 2021, including always engaging with and asking questions to teachers; dreaming big, for both short and long term goals; staying healthy and pursuing a hobby; and trying not to compare yourself to others.

“If you want to truly improve then compare who you were yesterday to who you are today,’’ Margil said.

The depth of achievement at RGS was also highlighted with approximately 50% of students achieving a ranking over 91, based on the available QTAC (Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre) data, which is the equivalent of an OP 1 – 5 in the previous system.

Subject results from the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) were released along with Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATAR) through the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC). The ATAR system, where students sit subject-specific external examinations, replaced the Overall Position (OP) system in 2020.

The Rockhampton Grammar School is also proud to report that 100% of the School’s 150-student Year 12 cohort gained a QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) on completing their Secondary School studies and 97% of students gained a Vocational Education Training (VET) qualification, ranging from a Certificate I to a Diploma, well above the state average of 65%.

Rockhampton Grammar School Headmaster Dr Phillip Moulds commended the students, staff and families for their collaborative work in achieving these results and wished the Year 12 graduates all the best in pursuing careers beyond school.

“Scores are only one measure of student success. Equally valued is the School’s reputation for developing well-rounded individuals who understand values such as teamwork, self-discipline and gratitude, and see their role in contributing to the communities which they are a part of, to benefit others, not only themselves,’’ Dr Moulds said.

“There are countless individual stories of our students achieving their personal best and engaging in many different areas across the School. There are so many varied opportunities offered at The Rockhampton Grammar School. Not all require high ATARs and it is pleasing to see the wide spread of interests pursued by our students.

 “Our students’ achievements and worth are never reduced to just numbers. We’re more concerned about each child’s disposition and their interest in learning. If you have those qualities nurtured in an environment where strong academics and well-rounded development are highly valued, where a partnership exists among students, their parents and teachers, then children are going to do well.”

“The achievement of students in 2020 and 2021 is a powerful example of the efforts placed in by the School, and especially the academic leaders within the School, in preparing and enacting the new system, and staff engagement in the new system.  We have had twenty staff engaged directly in QCAA processes which supports the learning involved at RGS.”

RGS Head of Secondary School Academics Ms Reniece Carter said the data released today is yet another powerful example of our students’ commitment to learning in what was a very challenging year.

“It also highlights the commitment of all RGS staff to each and every student,” said Ms Carter.

“Teachers working with students and parents is a key focus and reason for our success at RGS.

“Pleasingly, the 2021 graduates were a cohesive year group, who exemplified the School’s values of respect, honesty, integrity, endeavour and community, whether that be across academics, global awareness, cultural, sporting, charity or giving to the community. As an educator, it was a privilege to work with them”, said Ms Carter.

RGS Dux Margil Rajaji

“Just seeing the score on the screen is amazing. It’s a relief and I guess all the hard work was worth it in the end,’’ Margil said.

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