RGS celebrates student leaders

In the School's 140th year of education, The Rockhampton Grammar School has welcomed its Senior leaders for 2021. 

Year 12 students at today's (10 February) Foundation Day and Induction of School Officers Ceremony received their Senior badges while students were also acknowledge for their appointments to the positions of Captains, Vice Captains, Prefects, House Captains, Committee Chairs, Form Seniors and Boarder Seniors.

I have a chance to give back and leave an ever lasting impact on the community that has given so much to me and my peers.”Ruby Burnham, RGS 2021 Vice Captain

RGS School Captains and Vice Captains for 2021 are: Harshitha Peddireddy (Captain), Angus Johansen (Captain), Ruby Burnham (Vice Captain) and Riley Denham (Vice Captain). Here is a further insight into our 2021 School leaders:


Born in Tadepalli, India, Harshitha arrived at RGS in Prep and her brother Prahas will be in Year 5 in 2021. Harshitha’s parents are doctors, along with many of her extended family, but her own studies are currently heading in the direction of international politics. Outside of the classroom Harshitha enjoys music and public speaking – and dabbles in writing stories and poetry.“I feel this leadership position is a very necessary step to introduce me into the world of leadership and problem solving as well as catering to the needs of a varied public and group of students,’’ Harshitha said.“I have lots of ideas and thoughts that I hope will be able to leave Grammar even better for the future.“I would like for Grammar to become a more accepting student body and I believe we can be more involved in the general Rockhampton community.“I would also like for Grammar to become a greener place through composting and recycling but also with healthier habits (computer use, eating habits, etc). This could be with recycling paper, doing regular clean-ups and starting waste and composting habits in the Primary School.“But maybe my biggest goal would be for the School to listen to its students. The captains aren’t the only ones with the best ideas or the most reasonable ones. Everyone would have different perspectives and thoughts that are beneficial to the community and I would like everyone to be a part of change and get involved otherwise this world can’t keep a-turning.”


Angus calls his family grain property in Dixalea home when he’s not boarding at RGS – a journey he started in Year 7 and followed in the footsteps of his sisters Isabelle (RGS 2015) and Imogen (RGS 2016).At School you can find Angus playing cricket, tennis, soccer and rugby, and watching movies in the dorm, while when he’s home there’s more time for water skiing and fishing.“I am excited to use this opportunity (as School Captain) to represent Grammar as well as be a role model for other students, academically as well as by being involved in as many school events as I possibly can,’’ Angus said.“I hope to create many events and activities for younger grades, just as we got to experience when we first arrived at the School.“I also want to help create a greater sense of community at the School by getting as many people involved in everything we do.”


Ruby started at RGS as a Year 7 boarder from her family’s organic beef property, 60km west of Monto. Sister Lily graduated in 2019, brother Knox is in Year 10 in 2021 and she has a younger brother at home.“As a family, we have a passion to create positive change through the things we love and the communities we come from to embrace growth for a better future,’’ said Ruby, who also has interests in art and fashion.“This leadership opportunity means that I can be the voice of RGS. This opportunity gives me a chance to make all voices heard and to embrace the already diverse community at RGS. I have a chance to give back and leave an ever lasting impact on the community that has given so much to me and my peers,’’ Ruby said.“I have many hopes and aspirations for RGS in 2021 which I wish to bring to life with the help of my cohort. I hope to create an environment which embraces all unique qualities in every individual, as well as to give students confidence, motivation, empowerment and encouragement to endeavour in personal growth. Most importantly, I aspire to leave a legacy where all students feel accepted and valued within the community.”


A student at RGS since Prep, and someone who loves to keep active playing rugby league, running and cycling, Riley hopes to further develop his leadership skills in 2021.“I have the opportunity to represent and be the voice for our School,’’ Riley said.“It also gives me the opportunity to encourage and inspire students to work together and be the best they can be.“On a personal note, I’d really like to see more participation in co-curricular activities, like more come and try days for different sports. Even if you think it might not be your thing, then it would be great to have the opportunity to give something a go.”Riley said 2020 had been very challenging for all students, particularly the Seniors.“I look forward to working with Angus, Harshitha and Ruby to ensure that RGS continues to be the best school in CQ and that every student has a great and memorable year.”Riley’s family has a proud RGS connection with sister Stacey graduating in 1997 and his niece Gabrielle enters Year 5 (2021).