RGS 2022 ATAR results

With Year 12 students across Queensland receiving their final results today, The Rockhampton Grammar School has continued to show why it is Central Queensland’s best performing school.

RGS School Dux Millicent Rayner received an impressive ATAR ranking of 99.90, placing Millicent in the top 60 out of 27,245 ATAR eligible students in the State.
A student at The Rockhampton Grammar School since her days at the RGS Early Learning Centre, Millicent hopes to study medicine in either Melbourne or Sydney next year.
Millicent said she was a “bit surprised” with her ATAR result but was pleased all the hard work had paid off.
“It makes it harder to decide what course I’ll do because I now have so many options,’’ Millicent said.
“I still haven’t locked in what I want to do, but if I get into medicine I’ll probably do that. I was also looking at law and dentistry.
“There are so many varied career options within medicine, it’s a stable job and it’s really meaningful for society.”
Millicent has already had medicine interviews with UNSW in Sydney and the University of Adelaide, and is currently looking into options in Melbourne.
A fan of Physics and Specialist Mathematics in her Senior studies at RGS, Millicent said the studies stepped up in Year 11.
“I had to start putting more work into my studies outside of school and working harder,’’ Millicent said.
However, another key component for Millicent was using her class time wisely.
“Put in all the effort you can in class and then you might not have to do as much outside of school. Then you can still do what you enjoy outside of school,’’ Millicent said.
Millicent was still able to continue her love of music outside of school.
“I hope to continue with music next year and join some community bands,’’ Millicent said.
Millicent said she was grateful to RGS for providing a variety of opportunities across co-curricular and academics.
Subject results from the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) were released along with Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATAR) through the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC). The ATAR system, where students sit subject-specific external examinations, replaced the Overall Position (OP) system in 2020.
The Rockhampton Grammar School is also proud to report that 100% of the School’s 151-student Year 12 cohort gained a QCE (Queensland Certificate of Education) on completing their Secondary School studies and 96% of students gained a Vocational Education Training (VET) qualification, ranging from a Certificate I to a Diploma, well above the state average of 65.9%.
Rockhampton Grammar School Headmaster Dr Phillip Moulds commended the students, staff and families for their collaborative work in achieving these results and wished the Year 12 graduates all the best in pursuing careers beyond school.
“A Grammar education is about our students completing their time at RGS as the best version of themselves, having grown in character and scholarship,’’ Dr Moulds said.
“This includes co-curricular activities, service to the community and the development of students’ attitudes, behaviours and actions.”
Dr Moulds said scores are only one measure of student success.
“There are countless individual stories of our students achieving their personal best and engaging in many different areas across the School,’’ Dr Moulds said.
“There are so many varied opportunities offered at The Rockhampton Grammar School. Not all require high ATARs and it is pleasing to see the wide spread of interests pursued by our students.
“I am just as proud about the excellent achievements in the VET space as I am about the outstanding achievements in the ATAR stream.  For example, the 11 school based apprenticeships and the myriad of Certificate III in Agriculture that our students have completed are a powerful set of results that provide important pathways for these students’ futures.
“Our students’ achievements and worth are never reduced to just numbers. We’re more concerned about each child’s disposition and their interest in learning. If you have those qualities nurtured in an environment where strong academics and well-rounded development are highly valued, where a partnership exists among students, their parents and teachers, then children are going to do well.”
“The achievement of students in 2020, 2021 and 2022 are powerful example of the efforts placed in by the School, and especially the academic leaders within the School, in preparing and enacting the new system, and staff engagement in the new system.  We have had twenty staff engaged directly in QCAA processes which supports the learning involved at RGS.”
RGS Head of Secondary School Academics Ms Reniece Carter said the data released today is yet another powerful example of our students’ commitment to learning in what was a very challenging year.
“It also highlights the commitment of all RGS staff to each and every student,” said Ms Carter.
“Teachers working with students and parents is a key focus and reason for our success at RGS.
“Pleasingly, the 2022 graduates were a cohesive year group, who exemplified the School’s values of respect, honesty, integrity, endeavour and community, whether that be across academics, global awareness, cultural, sporting, charity or giving to the community. As an educator, it was a privilege to work with them”, said Ms Carter.

Note: Australian Tertiary Admission Ranks (ATAR) are calculated and released by the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC). The decision for students to share their ATAR result with their schools is optional and schools will only get access to the individual ATARs of their former Year 12 students where consent has been granted by those students when registering in the ATAR Portal.

RGS caught up with some RGS graduates following the release of ATAR results:

India Iwers (99.20 ATAR) – “I’ve been offered early entry at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra to study a Bachelor of Art History and Curatorship. However, I have decided to defer the offer until 2024. Next year I will spend time at home (near Rolleston) working and then hopefully move overseas at the end of June to work as an Au Pair in the United Kingdom. I am hoping my degree can lead to a path as an art director.”

George Plumb (98.5 ATAR) – “I’m hoping to study medicine at James Cook University in Townsville. I’m really passionate about helping people and I’m interested by the human body and the impacts I can have on people through studying medicine.”

Lily Roopnarinesingh (98.25 ATAR) – “I’m waiting to hear where I can get into to study medicine. I’ve applied inter-state but I’m hoping to be accepted into Monash University in Melbourne. Medicine is something I’ve always wanted to do because it combines science and helping people.”

Dominique Sleaford (98.2 ATAR) - “I’m hoping to study a co-op degree at CQUniversity, studying engineering, majoring in Civil, with a Diploma of Professional Practice. I really like maths and science and engineering is a career where I can use those areas of study.”
Jacqueline Sleaford (97.65 ATAR) – “I want to study Occupational Therapy at UQ. I like helping people and I’m hoping to get into paediatrics because I love little kids so this puts both of those things together.”
Lacey Robertson (97.05 ATAR) – “I’m hoping to study medicine at James Cook University. I have a personal connection to medicine. I’ve seen the impact cancer can have on people and how the medical professional can help them. Hopefully I can study oncology so I can help people.”

Claire Moulds (Claire studied Year 12 over 2 years having battled illness in 2021. She was determined to complete her studies this year and follow her career passion) – “I’m studying a Bachelor of Music and then a Masters in Primary Teaching at UQ in Brisbane. I received an early offer. It was so good because I didn’t have to worry about externals. It was nice to know I was in and wasn’t waiting for the score. I’m so passionate about music and I love working with little kids.”