Musical magic returns

RGS brought the Pilbeam Theatre back to life in Term 1 when the long-awaited production of Mary Poppins Jnr finally hit the stage.

The RGS Primary musical production team first emailed then Primary students in February last year and 12 months later, on 26-27 February after many COVID setbacks, they performed on stage.

“We thought let’s scrap it but these kids really wanted this opportunity,’’ said Mr Robertson, Musical Director.

“Seeing the musical come to fruition on the stage and to see the fun and enjoyment of the students on stage, and the audience as well, was wonderful.

“Students rehearsed three to four times a week, for the majority of the time. The parents commitment to get them to rehearsals was amazing along with the RGS staff and supporters giving up their time.”

Mr Robertson found it surreal watching the performance on stage after a long build-up.