Donation supports learning opportunities

Students at the Rockhampton Special School have welcomed the donation of 20 laptops from The Rockhampton Grammar School to help with their studies.

When the opportunity presented itself to purchase some laptops from RGS, laptops no longer in use by the RGS students and staff, the School decided to donate the devices to Rockhampton Special School.

Rockhampton Special School staff, and past students, Principal Erin King (nee Gill, RGS 2000) and Prue Moore (nee Dodson, RGS 2003) have welcomed the new technology into the school.

Erin said the donation was amazing, as the vision for the school was to ensure all senior secondary students had access to individual devices at school and some of the Rockhampton Special School’s laptops were old and outdated.

“Instead of the traditional handwriting pencil they can use a keyboard to engage in the curriculum successfully,’’ Erin said.

“Some Junior secondary students will also receive a laptop to use as we have some students who have difficulties with accessing traditional methods of pen and paper.”

Erin said she found students at the school engaged more successfully on the computers.

“There is no focusing on pencil and paper to write, which takes up a lot of energy for our students. They can also utilise a variety of platforms such as internet research and develop skills to support them to be life-long learners.”

RGS IT Support Team Leader Ernie Coulton said the School’s IT Department was happy to be an advocate for the donation of the laptops to help the students with their learning.

Photograph: Ernie Coulton, Erin King and Prue Moore and pictured with Rockhampton Special Captains Nick, Nathan and Beau.