Clayton returns to RGS Rugby

RGS has welcomed back Clayton Bohan as Coordinator of Rugby.

Clayton played for the RGS First XV rugby union and First XIII rugby league teams before graduating from RGS in 2016.

Following school Clayton moved to Brisbane to study sports science and worked at St Edmund’s College (Ipswich) for two years.

Clayton also worked for the Norths Devils Rugby League Club in Brisbane as strength and conditioning coach for the club’s U16 and U18 teams while also assisting with the club’s Hostplus Cup team.

While Clayton admits the transition from a player to the coaching and development role is different, he has welcomed the opportunities.

“You see it through a whole new set of eyes, but I enjoy giving back to the sport and helping kids get to where they want to be,’’ Clayton said.

Clayton just wants RGS players to enjoy the game and for the School to help them “get to where they want to be”.

“You only play school footy for a few years so enjoy that small period of time. You’ll create life-long friends after that,’’ Clayton said.

“It’s just about the students enjoying themselves and smiling when they’re playing. You still want them to be competitive and strive for success, but it’s not the be-all and end-all if you fall that bit short in a game.”

Clayton is a big believer in all players being “switched on” for training and games and working at cementing down the finer things of the game.

“It’s about getting the little things right that will build to a big win at the end of the year. You can’t just rock up and go through the motions,’’ Clayton said.

“Hard work underpins everything you do, even outside of school. If you can have that great work ethic it will help you in the long run.”

Returning to RGS also gives Clayton the opportunity to reunite with both his family in Rockhampton and his old school.

“I’ve played footy since I was four or five. It’s been a part of my life the whole time. Everywhere I turned it was talking about footy at dinner with my brothers or ringing my dad and talking about footy,’’ Clayton said.