A confidence building opportunity

Beef 2021 is a highlight on the calendar for The Rockhampton Grammar School Show Cattle Team this year. A mix of students from Year 7 to Year 12, RGS Show Cattle Team captain Meg Ingram (Year 12) shares her journey and passion for this co-curricular activity:

Tell us more about Meg Ingram?

“I’ve been a boarder at RGS since Year 7 and I come from a cattle station halfway between Alpha and Tambo. We have a Droughtmaster stud and we also breed commercial steers and bulls.”

What do you enjoy about being a part of the cattle industry?

“It’s a lot of fun. We get to see where the primary production comes from and all the background that’s involved. It’s great going to bull sales with a stud, meeting people and making those connections. Further along us kids will one day take over the place and now’s an opportunity to get to know those people involved in the industry. Being involved in the RGS Show Cattle Team has also allowed me to meet more people outside of our stud.”

Why do you enjoy being involved with the RGS Show Cattle Team?

“I’ve been involved in the Show Team since Year 7. It’s exciting to be captain this year alongside my two vice captains (Hayden Hanson and Jemma Lang), especially being a Beef year. I also get to assist our coach Renee (Rutherford), and the RGS staff in ensuring everyone has fun and gets to learn new things. It’s also great when other students get some success. You’re excited and happy for them because you’ve helped them learn new things and they look up to you as a Year 12 student.”

How does Meg Ingram in Year 7 compare to you in Year 12?

“I’ve improved in my confidence, especially to get up and speak in front of people, and overall looking at how cattle are pulled apart when you’re looking at different aspects of them, both commercial and stud cattle. I’d never done that before Year 7. There is a lot to learn. I’ve come so far since Year 7. If you compared Year 7 me to me now, I think personally I’ve come a long way. I’ve improved and learned many lessons along the way, including life lessons in general.”

Advice to fellow, and future, RGS Show Cattle Team members?

“Just enjoy it. You get to learn new things and go away to the shows. Getting those ribbons along the way is a sense of accomplishment. Also ask lots of questions. This group will become a second family to you where everyone supports each other.”