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All other enquiries: 07 4936 0600

Past Students Association


President, Alaina Kennedy (nee Alroe, 2001)
Vice-President, Lewis McKee (2006)
Secretary, Alison Payne (1985)
Treasurer, Amy Thomasson (2004)

Committee Members

Adrien Lang (1993)
Meleisha Lill (nee Tennent, 2003)
Jason Smyth (1988)
Casey Henderson (2014)
Joe McGahan (2007)


07 4936 0776; paststudents@rgs.qld.edu.au

Important Notice - RGS Past Students' Association AGM, 30 May at 5.30pm

RGS Distinguished Past Students Awards
The 2018 Awards Dinner will be held at the School's Memorial Assembly Hall on Saturday, 4 August, 2018. For further information on tickets email paststudents@rgs.qld.edu.au or phone 07 4936 0776.

The award recognises the actions and achievements of Past Students who have gone above and beyond, and in doing so, encourages aspirations and ideals of the highest community standards and values. 

Stay in Touch

Let us know where you are and what you are doing. Update your contact details, including changes to mail, email, phones etc. Please contact Rachael McDonald (RGS, Development and Communications Officer) at paststudents@rgs.qld.edu.au