Enrol: 1300 GRAMMAR
All other enquiries: 07 4936 0600






Teacher in Charge:DoMrs 
Ms Annmarie Noovao
Phone: 4936 0778

Captains - Emily Horsley, Samantha Namasasu
Vice Captains - Caitlin Spence, Caitlyn Goudie, Lauren Galloway, Danielle James


2018 Executive:
President - Matthew Sleaford
Vice President - Peter Delley
Secretary - Carole Van Loggerenberg
Treasurer - Sonia Cooper
Umpire Convenor - Tricia Ruddick
Committee Members - Jo Winter, Tanya Cottam, Stephanie Ruddick, Kerry Foreman

Thanks to RGS Netball supporters for this season:


RNA Week 17 Draw (26 - 28 August)

Registration Links:

11+years:  https://netball.resultsvault.com/common/pages/reg/welcome.aspx?type=1&id=21574&entityid=43826

5-10years:  https://netball.resultsvault.com/common/pages/reg/welcome.aspx?type=6&id=45384&entityid=43826

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Information Sheet - 2019 Season
Notice - RGS Netball Club AGM 2019
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RNA 2019 season calendar

Netball at RGS

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Minis and Primary School (10 years or younger) - 

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If your daughter is in Primary School and is 10 or younger this calendar year:
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