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Learning Enrichment Centre

The Learning Enrichment Centre is a separate facility within the School. We provide a specialised, supportive environment in which to identify a student’s individual needs and devise strategies to accommodate them. Our objective is to encourage students to become actively involved in embedding these strategies into their daily routines. Some students are referred, having already been diagnosed with a learning disability, and we become part of their support team. Others enrol in tutorials due to concerns expressed by their teachers or parents. The centre is staffed by qualified teachers and supported by experienced teacher assistants. At the conclusion of each semester a report detailing the progress of each student is provided.

Specialised, supportive strategies to help students in their academic endeavours

Learning Enrichment Tutors respond to the individual needs of students. Assistance provided can include planning assignments, consolidation of classroom work, teaching specific skills in areas of weakness and preparation for examinations. Tutors offer support in the core subject areas of English, Mathematics and Science, although students are welcome to request assistance with any aspect of their work across the curricula.

How do I start?
Our tutorial rooms are located next to the entrance to the boarders’ dining room. Students are invited to call in at any time to discuss their situation. Students are able to utilise time before and after the regular school day. Tutors are available from 7.50am each morning until 3.50pm each afternoon. Time can also be accessed from elective subjects, however the student will be responsible for ensuring classroom work remains current. Senior students can access tutorials during their spare periods.

What’s the cost?
The fee for one 40 minute tutorial (per week) is $342 per term (2018). A tuition programme can be tailored to a student’s individual needs dependent upon timetabling and tutor availability. Once enrolled, it is the student’s responsibility to attend tutorials consistently. Parents will be required to sign a consent form before sessions commence and the appropriate fees will be charged to that term’s account. Credits will not be considered for lessons missed. Written confirmation of a student’s intention to withdraw from the programme is required. 


Parents are encouraged to contact the tutors to discuss any concerns that they may have.
Ms Jenny Lo Monaco, Co-ordinator
4936 0662

Mrs Vicki Crow
Mrs Jill McArthur
Ms Pat Moran
Mrs Debbie Moulds
Mrs Amanda Rooks
Mrs Sandra Salmond
Ms Jill Tennison

Teacher Assistants
Mr Sam Atkinson
Ms Charmain Hayes
Ms Jeanette Eggerling
Mrs Judith Thomasson