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Global Education

The Rockhampton Grammar School’s curriculum, programmes and activities enable our students to develop, over time, a deep understanding of global affairs: the whole of human society and the different environments in which we live around the world.

We are focused on the student’s understanding of his or her relationship between how they learn and act as individuals and as social agents in shaping a better, shared future for the world.

RGS equips students with understandings, skills and values to operate effectively in a globalised society

Developing a sense of individual and social responsibility, students recognise their actions as informed, engaged citizens. They are knowledgeable of interdependence and independence, identity and diversity, rights and responsibilities, poverty and wealth, conflict and peace, the untenable and sustainable.

Such knowledge enriches our community and expands our democratic way of life.

This is achieved by their participation in clearly defined programmes and activities that focus on cooperative learning, shared responsibility, critical thinking and communication, including:

  • Global and intercultural components of the curriculum
  • RGS language programmes
  • Collaborative learning projects with sister schools in Japan, Singapore, USA, UK, and New Zealand 
  • Educational expeditions abroad that focus on life skills, service and community development 
  • International student exchanges; and
  • Overseas study opportunities in sport, music and language, culture and academic pursuits.
Educating Global Teachers 

Whilst critical literacy skills are at the core of ‘global’ education, our teachers nurture a global education culture at the School that is focused on the future, is respectful of diversity, honours past and present cultures and values individual experiences.

Our teachers are also able to develop deeper understanding among our students because they themselves are lifelong learners. 

Rockhampton Grammar teachers are advancing their own critical skills and acquiring multiple perspectives on education through the School’s unique masters of Education with Griffith University.

Available to all teachers, the programme enhances teacher effectiveness, student engagement and student performance. As co-learners whose world perspective is shaped through content, pedagogy and lived experiences our teachers are better prepared to equip students with the skills and resilience required to build a shared, pluralistic, globalised future.

The Rockhampton Grammar School is a proud member of Round Square, a world-wide association of schools promoting six ideals of learning: internationalism, democracy, environment, adventure, leadership and service. RGS teachers and students have numerous opportunities each year to participate in international community service projects and leadership programmes through Round Square.