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The Early Learning Years





The Early Learning Centre is located at
3 Reservoir Street, Rockhampton QLD 4700
Ph 49360880; 

Both the Early Learning Centre and Outside School Hours Service have been rated: Exceeding the National Quality Standard.

Six weeks
to five years

Learning commences long before a child takes the first tentative steps through our gates to Primary School. 

It begins in the crucial early years, when girls and boys are developing important bonds with family and educators that will enable friendships to flourish and their trust in teachers and adults to establish. 

Providing a safe and comfortable home away from home and an extended family environment is vital to the first stages in the education journey. 

The Rockhampton Grammar School Early Learning Centre gives children (from 6 weeks to 5 years) a solid foundation and sense of belonging by ensuring consistency and continuity in teaching staff and supporting not only the child but parents too. 

Integrated and engaging life experiences teach valuable lessons.

At the Early Learning Centre we encourage each boy and girl to learn from everything they do. Our children are allowed the freedom to explore their natural environment and grow at their own pace. They develop age-appropriate skills through play and experiencing the world around them in a practical way. 

Children tend to our community garden in the Senior Yard with many discussions of sustainability with our compost and worm farm.  Children deliver scraps to the compost and tend to the garden eagerly waiting for the produce to ripen to be picked. 

Such integrated and engaging life experiences teach valuable lessons and foster a sense of accomplishment. 

By treating our children as capable and competent individuals we instill in them the confidence they need to feel safe in their surrounds, equipped to learn through experiment and exploration and to socialise well with other children.

Friendships developed by children and parents at the Early Learning Centre are carried through the schooling years.