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All other enquiries: 07 4936 0600


The aim of the counselling service is to provide a safe and confidential place for students to talk about
their needs, their desires, their choices, or about any issue that may be troubling or challenging them.

Who can access the School Counsellor?
Any student of The Rockhampton Grammar School may access the services of the counsellor.

Students, staff members or parents may request counselling for a student, but all appointments are to be approved by the relevant Head of School or Head of Boarding. Students who are unable to keep their appointments must contact either their Head of School, Head of Boarding or the Health Centre.

Counselling Staff
Ms Kylie Crellin  (Psychologist)and Ms Rosie Akers (Psychologist) are available for appointments.
Students seeing the counsellor have a right to privacy. This means that information is kept private unless,

  • There is a risk of harm to the student or someone else,
  • The student provides permission for the counsellor to talk to someone else, or
  • The counsellor is legally required to disclose information.

The service is provided free of charge to students of the School.

Issues covered by the Counselling Service
Some examples include dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, family issues, personal issues, relationships, school-related issues (such as bullying, time management, study challenges, boarding, homesickness), future academic endeavours. While it is not uncommon for people to feel uncomfortable or anxious about seeing a counsellor, counselling sessions can provide an opportunity to consider and discuss different perspectives and options for challenging situations and circumstances.

Safety and Comfort
Students have the right to feel safe and comfortable with their counsellor. While it can be very difficult to talk with a stranger about some issues, it is important that students are completely honest with their counsellor.

Further Information
For further information regarding the counselling service, students should speak to their respective Head of School or Head of Boarding.

School Chaplain
The Rockhampton Grammar School is a non-denominational school; however, it recognises Christian values. The School Chaplain visits the School on Wednesdays and is available to staff and students. The Chaplain and Counsellor work together in crisis situation to meet the needs of the School community.