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All other enquiries: 07 4936 0600

Boarder Parents Association

President, Vivienne Coleman;  Email cvej@bigpond.com (Vivienne is from Bedford Park, St. Lawrence. Parent of Emily, 2018 graduate, and Jeffery Year 12 - 2019 school year)
Secretary,  Sandi Inglis; Email sandi@isam.com.au (Sandi is from Calliope. Parent of Charlotte Year 11 - 2019 school year)

2019 Meeting Dates:
Term 1 - Friday, 22 February. 10.30am morning tea for 11am meeting (Note, the term concludes with the Inter-House Swimming Carnival that morning finishing at 12.30pm)
Term 2 - Monday, 23 April. 2.30pm afternoon tea for 3pm meeting. (Parent teacher interviews are at 11am - 1pm and 4pm - 6pm)
Term 3 - Monday, 22 July. 1pm light lunch for 1.30pm meeting. (Parent teacher interviews are at 11am - 1pm and 4pm - 6pm)
Term 4 - Tuesday, 8 October (AGM). 2.30pm afternoon tea for 3pm AGM meeting. (No parent teacher interviews in Term 4)

Additional opportunities for Boarder parents and relevant staff to meet in-person are facilitated:
2019 dates:

  • Term 1 Friday 5 April - 10.30am – the inter-House cross-country takes place at Rugby Park in the morning, and parents are welcome as spectators.
  • Term 4 Wednesday 27 November - light lunch from 11.30am – 12.30pm in the Seminar Room (Islay Lee Learning Centre), preceding Speech Day ceremony at 1pm in Duggan Hall. Note this is a day prior to the last day of School, Thursday November 28, with classes concluding at midday.

The RGS Boarder Parents’ Association is a parent group working in support of Boarders and the School in general, in close consultation with The Headmaster Phillip Moulds, Director of Boarding Stewart Norford, and Heads of Boarding Raquel Mangin and Brendan Handley. All Boarder parents are welcome members of the Association by virtue of the enrolment of their child(ren) as a Boarder. Working cooperatively with the persons named above, the Association maintains a vested interest in the betterment and appreciation of the management and care of Boarders, and the operation and reputation of the School and the Boarding community. Liaison is channelled through meetings once each term, held in the Seminar Room on the top floor of the Islay Lee Learning Centre adjacent to the Spaceframe. Meetings are preceded by a cuppa and light food, and the opportunity to become better acquainted with Phillip, Stewart, Brendan, Raquel, other Boarder parents in attendance, and also Tanya Curtis-Flynn Food Services Manager and Melanie March Nurse Manager of the Health Centre.  

Get-togethers of Boarder Families and the Headmaster and Boarding Staff happen each year from time to time in districts of our families, advertised well in advance to enable attendance by all who can make it.
Proposed get-togethers for 2019 are to be advised.

Thank you to immediate past Secretary Trudy Mace, Toorilla, Stanage Bay. The Association and the School appreciate the contributions and attendance at meetings in recent years of Kaye Wilson and Josie Volck, former and current members of the Board of Trustees respectively, and former Boarder parents, whose vision and vested interest benefits the School and the Boarder Parents’ Association. Insightful discussion about Boarding matters takes place at meetings, but the Boarder Parents’ Association is not a conduit for complaints about boarding, which should be directed separately to Stewart or Brendan or Raquel, all of whom who are committed to liaising with parents about any unsatisfactory issues in Boarding.