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RGS Leads CQ in 2017 NAPLAN results

4th Aug 2017

Students at The Rockhampton Grammar School lead Central Queensland with excellent 2017 NAPLAN results, according to data released by the National Assessment Program.

RGS’s results compared to Queensland and State averages are listed below.

“I am very proud of our collective results,” said Headmaster Dr Phillip Moulds. The School’s overall outcomes are the best locally.

“Whilst that is an excellent achievement, it is important that we reflect on other factors that define our identity as one of Australia’s best country schools: our teachers; our campuses including Ritamada; our resources and most importantly our students and parents,” said Dr Moulds.

“Combined, these talented people and outstanding assets enable us to provide students with opportunities to succeed.

“More importantly, however, they provide a rich source for our students’ memories and as they mature and define themselves and start to realise their influence upon the world.”

RGS Student Angelina Hendrie had a perfect score on the Year 9 Spelling Test. Great result!      

Historical NAPLAN information is available here