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Middle Schooling

At The Rockhampton Grammar School we recognise that the Middle School years are a critically important time for students’ growth and personal development, as such  our teaching strategies reflect this significant stage in their lives. 

Our approach recognises that young adolescents need to experience a curriculum which takes into account age-specific intellectual, social, emotional, ethical and physical needs. 

Self-esteem and resilience are so important for developing young men and women.

Participation and achievement is encouraged with a special emphasis on self-esteem and resilience which are so important for developing young men and women.

The Middle School years are characterised by a focus on activities and tasks which allow students every opportunity to succeed and to engage actively in the learning process.

School work is tailored to improving learning and motivation, and fostering confidence in their abilities to solve problems and make decisions.

Our curriculum builds on the foundations of our Primary years and fosters the development of young adolescents in positive ways. 

We recognise and cater for a diverse group of students, taking into account their abilities, needs, interests and learning styles. In the co-curricular programme we provide a wide range of challenging and stimulating activities. 

Pastoral care is an integral component of our Middle School. We provide a positive, happy and supportive environment which allows our young people to mature and prosper.

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