Enrol: 1300 GRAMMAR
All other enquiries: 07 4936 0600


Teacher in Charge:
Mr Lachlan Wells
Phone: 4936 0723
Email: lwells@rgs.qld.edu.au

The Rockhampton Grammar School has developed a multi-floored Gymnasium which includes a weights room and separate cardio room. The weights room includes Olympic bars, free weights, dumbbells, lifting platforms, squat racks, benches and weight stack machines, whilst the cardio room, includes exercise spin bikes, treadmills and ergo rowing machines.

The gym was built so that student athletes could better prepare for their sports and or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The gym is available to all RGS students and allocated times are issued each term based on the School’s sporting calendar.

The ethos of the Rockhampton Grammar School’s gym is to develop students both physically and mentally, whilst teaching relevant lifting techniques in a safe environment.

There are two end goals associated with the gym. The first is to create healthy habits through exercise that students can continue long after they leave school. The second is sports specific and is to prepare athletes for competition and have them perform to the best of their ability at the highest level available to them.

Student athletes are issued programs based on their ability levels, experience and goals and monitored on a term by term basis. This assists in individualising the programs, when required to best challenge the student as they progress their development.

The School utilises qualified staff members to supervise each session. Each staff member is qualified through the national organisation, The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association. The School employs Lachlan Wells as a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning coach full time to monitor the gym sessions and programs delivered to our sporting program and their athletes. Lachlan has a Bachelor of Human Movement Science and is currently accredited as a Professional Coach under the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association’s Professional Coaching scheme. Lachlan also runs the Level 1 accreditation courses for Central Queensland and has been involved with regional squads as requested in the past for a multitude of sports. Other staff that also assist in the gym all have Level 1 ASCA accreditations or are obtaining them and are mentored by Lachlan Wells to ensure their coaching is of a quality standard.

The gym caters for the core sports within the School and has development programs available for athletes in Rugby, Rowing, Netball, Cricket and Water Polo which are suitable for year 10, 11 and 12 students. It also has a junior school program which consists of 4 levels of increasingly difficult exercises and routines for students to complete. All these sessions are developed under the Australian Sports Commission and Australian Strength and Conditioning Association’s guide for Long Term Athlete Development.

Any athletes that wish to utilise the gym to improve in their given sport, should first contact Lachlan Wells to arrange a meeting to discuss goals, strengths and weaknesses and a calendar to plan training around. Programs can be completed for individuals to use on this basis.

The School also has Physical Education classes utilise the gym under the guidance of the Gym Administrator for years 8,9 and 10 and has run various programs to incorporate fitness into the Physical Education program over the last three years.